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Discover little people know about pepper plants

Discover little people know about pepper plants

Pepper is a kind of vines, long stalks, leaves like betel leaves, but longer and more compact, small sphere, grown mainly for fruit and seeds. (Blogspot Source)

Peppers are often used as seasonings in dry or fresh form. Pepper is rich in vitamin C, calcium, essential oils, starches and fats. (Hstatic Source)

In Vietnam, pepper is usually grown on reddish brown, yellowish brown on basalt, reddish yellow on granite and gray soil. (Blogspot Source)

The provinces most peppered are the provinces of Chau Doc, Ha Tien, Ba Ria and Quang Tri. (Source Phanbondientrang)

Some pepper varieties commonly grown in Vietnam include Pepper, Pepper, Pepper, Phu Quoc, Indian Pepper, ... (Source Flickr)

Around the world there are about 70 pepper growing countries, of which India is still the largest pepper growing region. Vietnam is the world leader in pepper production and export every year. (Source Vcmedia)

Want black pepper, people pick the fruit at the time of green, want to have white pepper (or peppercorns), pick fruit when they are already ripe, then remove the shell. (Source Chelatevietnam)

Pepper can be eaten raw, crushed or powdered for spice or medicine. (Source Dangcongsan)

Few know that pepper flower is the national flower of Liberia. (Source Thanhnien)